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​We install solar PV systems and have been doing so for the past ten years . We have completed over 1400 Domestic households to date and also install on commercial roof tops.  Solarinstallations work direct for private customers and also contractors alike.

  • ​We install PV Solar systems

  • Registered SEAI contractor- Grants available

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Other services:

As a registered electrical contractor we carry out small to medium sized electrical installations. From single phase outlets in residences to three phase high power usage at commercial premises.

Electric Car charging

We specialise in car charging ports for domestic and commercial customers.



Combining 25 years of electrical mechanical and construction skills . We offer an excellent installation service remaining focused on quality . Our commitment to our customers ensures that satisfaction remains long after the initial install . We are proud to be registered with CIOB (chartered institute of building) reci (register of electrical contractors ireland) and Sei (Sustainable energy Ireland).


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We specialise in the supply and installation of Electric Car Chargers and accessories.  


We supply and install electric vehicle chargers for businesses and home of all sizes across the Ireland. We can install electric vehicle chargers for new builds or existing premises.  We provide full Consultations, Sales, Installation, Service and a Spare Parts Supply service across the island of Ireland.

We place a particular emphasis on great customer care. We have a comprehensive knowledge of all requirements and are able to give the best and most objective advice for individuals and businesses.

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Solar PV(Photo-voltaic)-Electricity producing device. When the suns rays fall onto the surface of a specially designed PV surface (Silicone wafer cell) it stimulates the cells in such a manner that causes an electrical current to flow . A panel consists of many cells connected together to help produce a more usable power output. A Solar array consists of many panels connected together to produce even more power .


A typical home/residential system can produce in excess of 1500 watts per hour (1.5Kwh) of usable electricity without exceeding the exemption limit on planning (up to 12 sq. metres of roof space or 50% of Total Roof space, whichever is lesser.) With the recent introduction of on grid micro-generation , this allows us to use the national grid as a storage device , and re-import electricity when required. However , unfortunately there is not a feed in tarrif in place at this time. Hence it is recommended to store any excess in a battery for later usage or divert excess to your hot water cylinder or other source.


Surely solar panels are useless in Ireland?

We don't get enough light.Well, that is not true. Ireland gets more than enough sunlight to adequately power a bank of solar panels. In summer we have a long duration of light during the days, and although that dips during winter, solar panels don't need high intensity sunlight to be productive.


Solar PV (Photo voltaic) technology is widely available now for you to help reduce your carbon footprint , reduce you electricity reliance on the national grid and increase your BER (Building energy Rating ). The SEAI (sustainable energy authority of Ireland ) has a grant of up to 3000 euro available for those who qualify. Your house must be prior to 2011 and have a post BER of C3 or greater after upgraded PV works.


What happens to excess electricity ?

Any excess electricity can be exported back to the grid or stored in a battery.


How long do they last?

Most PV systems have a minimum life expectancy of 25 years.





Tel: 087 259 5552

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